Have you recognized what type of dreams you have?

“A dream can always be interpreted good or bad, never underestimate you’re realities”

Dream Big

Before heading to sleep it’s best to understand what types of dreams do occur where you’ll be able to create a positive alter and better sleeping habits.

What are telepathic dreams? They’re dreams that can’t be explained through science like many other dream states. A telepathic dream can occur when another person is trying to communicate by send a message while you’re sleeping. During the awakening period you may or may not remember the message right away. You may however, think of that person unexpectedly.

What are recurring dreams? They occur at night in the dream state where it’s usually the same thing people, place, or thing playing over and over again. These dreams unusually have meaning to it. Some times they go back to when you were a child into you’re adulthood.

Recurring dreams can be good while other’s have upsetting thoughts which turn into nightmares. These terrors and dreams may have messages for you that many of us are unaware of. If you ever find yourself having these kind of dreams. Keep a journal or small notepad near your night stand. When you do awake grab a pen, write down your dream or what it was that upset you. Find the meaning of your dream by going online in looking it up, you can also purchase a dream interpretation book. Every dream you have can help you out in you’re current situation or past situation.

The more you start to focus on what type of dream you have you can also understand how you are able to help yourself. These circumstances may involve you working on self care remedies, healing past or current relationships, or working on problems with family and friends. Studying your dreams and understand the meaning will give you clarity on solving your own personal problems without involving outside sources.

Things to help you with having a good night sleep. Below is a list of things you can place in your room or on a night stand to help you get better sleep. It’s not something that will happen over night, patience is really needed. The best advice I can give is start with a few items on the list and add to or try something new.

  • Lavender Candles or fragrances of choice
  • Fresh flowers of your choice
  • Creative art, pictures, paintings etc.
  • Positive tarot cards or angel motivational cards
  • Place your favorite crystals near you
  • Smudge with palo santo, white or red sage, chakra incense or incense of choice
  • Leave positive affirmations

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