When is it time to let go? After someone has burned bridges with you?

Why is letting go so hard?

I always thought letting go means to let go of your past or feeling as if you’re owed something in return. Today I focus mainly on how I want to be treated instead of cutting bridges with others. When you treat someone with respect you’d want the same response back.

Over the year’s I’ve found out that there are many ways in which bridges can be burnt. The question is how do you overcome these situations, and how will you keep from repeating the same lessons.

Family has always been the top issue or concern for me. Some of us come from homes with both parents. And many with a single parent raising the children. Manner’s and discipline for me started as a young child. My development was based on culture, religion, and my family background. How was you upbringing?

I came to an understanding that when it comes to you’re life and goals you have the final say on where you’d like to be. Don’t hold anyone accountable for any actions you fail to take in your life. I learnt to work independently, organize, and develop myself to be a strong leader in the economy today.

I never pay much attention to what burning bridges was until situations started happening to me. I’d hear about others having problems but was blindsided about my our life. The need to gossip or indulge in someone else’s life was mediocre to me.

The partnership I had I thought that once an ex is an ex that’s usually the end of it. I would study my faults and correct my mistakes so I wouldn’t get into another relationship similar to what I left behind.

When it came to work I’d always volunteer and be the first and last one to leave the building.

I quickly realized that I was being stressed, overwhelmed, and exhausted. Constantly helping everyone out instead of working on me. The moment I stepped into my own self care healing and regiments I was looked at differently.

The people around me had problems I thought I could fix. Not realizing that I wasn’t always in control of my life. How can I help someone else and really don’t know who I am?

When people hurt me I’d forgive. When someone lied on me I’d look away, like it didn’t bother me. When someone stole I’d say it’s ok I can get it back. The whole time while I was being clueless people were just taking advantage of my kindness. I had an epiphany one day and said, “If you stop giving will they still care”?

I never asked for much from people except support me the way I do you. The bridges with individuals quickly started to change little by little. I started to isolate myself so I wouldn’t become depressed.

I changed my thinking, my values, and started seeing my worth. Things I ignored for many years. I stopped getting upset when I didn’t receive from other’s the way I gave it to them. I stopped waiting for apologies, focused on healing me.

The more I changed the angrier other’s became. As if you don’t have an option to provide self care to yourself. I eventually started letting go of people who didn’t have similar goals as me. And found individuals who do, I changed how I ate so I could be healthier and live longer.

Why does the world have people envying materialistic things or jealous over someone else’s success?

Materialistic things can’t replace your faith, love for your family, or provide a roof over your head. I found out that my hard work did all those things for me. I challenged myself to be better than those who have never supported me.

I let go of the hard times I had in my life so I can live without regrets. I humble myself for overcoming toxic habits, bad relationships, and dis functional upbringings. Not once have a felt I burnt bridges with anyone.

I just learnt to leave it in the past and love for today. If you feel like there’s no coming back from people burning bridges with you. Please leave your comments and explain why?

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