Knocking Down The Old & Starting Fresh

Do You Wear The Crown?

The old routines in life as I knew it has changed. When people don’t see you be strong and stay focused. Be the one who makes change to better yourself and the World. The biggest challenges you’re tested with can be hard, it’s how you handle and overcome them that makes you successful.

Don’t fall victim to losing your identity. Every time I think or feel like things are not in my favor the tower falls tragically. When I’m in my positive thinking I realize how talented I am. I see the changes between the old me and the new me. Example: Have you ever been stuck traveling the same route for year’s? Then one day you can’t how to you regroup or work around it without panic attacks? I found myself having a lot of epiphanies like these coming up. No matter what I did the old way of living life, working, and exercising had to change.

At first I was not willing too. When you hit a particular age you like how things are so you stick with what works. Recently or should I say the last five years I had to change my way of thinking, my routines, and the people in my life. I got ride of the old and started over fresh. I know they’re people just like me who do this. I thought I was the only one who expressed myself like that. However, I’m not and damn glad I don’t stand alone when it comes to change and starting fresh.

Staying in an unwanted place can become old and leave you bitter, moody, and out of touch with reality. Instead of feeling bond to any situation I learn and move on. The old way taught me to believe in these custom’s when I really didn’t understand how to.

One day I picked up the Bible and started trying to understand not know I was reading it wrong. I wasn’t taught the proper way to do it. Eventually I find out how? I learned to read slowly and ask questions to get a better understanding of God’s words. Doing this changed my faith and beliefs. I realized quickly that I didn’t have to stay with my old way of loving my life.

I promised myself that I’d learn something new about the Bible and incorporate this into my astrology learning. I understand that books, the world, and my belief systems are why I’ve been able to have a fresh start in my life. If you could have a do-over would you take that opportunity? Would you keep the old traditions you’ve learned or would you honestly try something new for a fresh beginning?

I don’t have any regrets able my life. Knowing down those old habits and creating something fresh allowed me to see my strengths, weaknesses, and improvements over time.

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