Why I love Astrology & It’s History

As a child have your ever dreamt about the stars, moon, and planets? I know I did, I always caught myself pointing at the clouds and guessing at the shapes and people I thought I saw. My imagination was amazing. I remember when inventors came out with the glow and the dark wall art for your bedroom, office, and ceilings. The dreams of actually falling to sleep at night to the sky was great.

Star gazing at night what a wonderful sight!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Astrology was known to man as the first religion. (Bunker, 2017) What I realized is with astrolgy you get to know yourself. You understand what makes you unique and why the zodiac signs can become part of your everyday life.

My love for astrology started as a child, however, as an adult I learned about our ancestors and how they used the stars, moon, planets and nature in their everyday lives. They used the universe for time, weather, day & night, when to planet and grown produce etc. I was astronished with how much we use electronics today to search about the moon, stars, and our planets compared how our ancestors never had books or technology.

I found out what birth charts are and how to read mine. I do want to emphase that a birth chart doesn’t control anyone, its best you interpet what you see in your chart your way.

I learned from my past, that some interpreters will be truthful about what’s in your birth chart and others may fool and lie to you about a your chart. The reason being is so that you stay off your true life path. It’s important for you to grow and understand the resources available to help you deceipher and decode your birth chart for your lifes journey.

Your chart should be kept secret due to the fact it will give you an vivid view of your life purpose and what legacy you will leave in the world. No one ever taught me that or explained it in detail to me until I started reading books about astrology. This lead me to become spiritual. I freed my mind, body & spirit through meditation. I balanced my 7 chakras and healed my life from past toxicity, bad habits, and trauma I suffered with for years.

Every week I’d like to share something new I’ve learned about astrology so you can incorporate it in your every day life. If you like this blog please like and share it with others. I don’t mind your comments below. I do read them and would love to know if you like astrology too and how has it played a part in your every day life.

Bunker, Dusty (2017). The beginner’s guide to astrology. Class is in session