Motivation: The Ego, Plots, & Family That Won’t Let Go

Sunday, August 14, 2022

The best part of begin me is I don’t care about what is going on in my community. I have nothing to say about what life I left behind. I’m good and never once looked back, only moving forward from all the Ego, Plots, & Family drama. The never ending cycle which I can’t understand why y’all really won’t move on. No matter what I do I don’t think about anything you have done. I saw the truth and I have clarity. Regardless of what lies have come up I know myself. I know I’m not married to anyone from my past. I don’t have any children, and I could care less about those who really don’t know me. The one thing I would like to say is please stop stalking my social media pages, at this point in time I honestly know who y’all are. The more you keep doing it the more I will call you out for it. I’m not warning anyone: The next person that hacks my accounts, my phone, and thing with my name on it. My pictures, my ANYTHING…I’m blasting you whole name and city. We all live in the same State so it’s obvious who I’ll be talking about.

The one thing I have y’all don’t is smarts and common sense to know when things just are not working. You learn the lessons or move on to something new. Since the EGO and my money that I don’t have is all you want. I’ll let paycheck to paycheck before I ever accept any settlement you all keep watching my bank accounts for. The last thing I would do is allow you to keep stealing something I have given from my heart over the forty years I have been living. No make who think they know me I could care less about what comes out your mouth. I know myself why you keep talking about me make sure you add the bull dirt you have done as well. The demons in you don’t lie in me, I have cleansed myself of all the toxic ways I use to be. The one thing I tell my followers is I am here to educate them on what I have to go through every day from Family who just won’t let me be. I don’t care who you know, get every scammer you want to hack my things I am high protected and strongly live by that… Bring all your witch doctors, practitioner, scamming lawyers, social workers, doctors, social media platform workers, crooked cops, inmates. I can keep going on, I know who I am.

The more you keep bothering ME the more I SEE. I am PSYCHIC and I just let the WORLD know too. If anyone has been following my platforms you already know that…My peace, faith, and genuine love go a long way. I don’t deal with none of YOU-FAMILY, EXES, EX CO-WORKERS!!! I have said goodbye over and over again. Anyone who wants to heal the right way there’s always choices. I am a LEADER not a follower.

“My words are my TRUTH and nothing anyone say will take that away from me.” I wish nothing but the best for each and every one of you. I hope that one day you  see that no matter how mad you get. I still “FORGIVE YOU.” I have never made you my enemy but you have made me yours. That’s ok, as the wise-one I know that I can’t change the DEMON in you. What I can do is keep my sanity and keep it pushing. The OLD ME is gone for good, the NEW ME will bring change in the WORLD. My story no matter what YOU do will be told. Right now you are help me with every blog I write. Every poem I post, I am healing because I know how strong I am. I know my life purpose and what path I want to go.

There will NEVER be HATE in me! The love I have and the care I have will never ever be broken. The support I get will always be from others who support me the way I need to. I don’t have to ask for anything because I have everything I need, and it’s not much but it’s something. I show GRATITUDE every day and give because I want to, not because I have too. I ask for nothing in return, the good in me don’t have to be liked by anyone of you. Just know it will never change or stop me from growing and improving my life. With that said, my views are just what that is. I don’t count them I only hope that every time I post I can reach whomever needs to hear my words. While you continue to search for my money I honestly could care less what you find. One day I hope you Google me and it say’s $150 Million next to my name. It  wouldn’t shut you up or stop you from harassing me. It would just give you another reason to continue with your bad habits. Finding a way to stop me from SPEAKING RIGHT! I honestly am going to be the great STORYTELLER I am supposed to be. I hope that book you pick up and read will enlighten you on your healing journey and motivate you to stop with the EGO & PLOTS!

Please like and comment: For my family, exes, and co-workers who read and stalk my blog pages this one was done just for you!!! Have a blessed day!