I’m the leader in my business people admire. Are you?

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Are you the leader of your business people admire?

I have been fortunate to work for a lot of managers who have been in a position to coach and teach me the proper way to run a successful business. The most important thing I learned from each person is: “treat people with respect and they will do the same in return.” A practice I always use even when others aren’t found of it.

When working with a small or large corporation of people it’s best to read about there policies. As you get familiar with the policies your able to see how these leaders make changes that fit the needs of there employees and staff working for them.

Before I became a leader, I did take classes for leadership that added tremendous skills that I could use to expand my knowledge on running my own corporation. Some classes are free on YouTube, and others you can search you local area to find a virtual class or in-person for a fee.

Running a business wasn’t easy at first. I thought the process was going to be easy. However, it was more like a trail and error. You have to actually know what type of business you want to run like an e-commerce, store-front, retail, advertising, or marketing company: there are plenty to choose from.

As a leader with many skills teaching other’s can be difficult since not many students will actually take your advice. The reason I still give back and advise is no matter what, my material is priceless. I can’t put a price on educating others. I know how hard it was for me to have to always pay for learning different trades.

I have always been great as what I do. However, I know I am imperfect and make mistakes. I learn lessons so that I can overcome any challenges or obstacles that come by way. The leadership trades I continue to have only expands and spread more. Every day I feel we should all learn something new. Motivation is what leads people to admire who I am. If you know what skills you bring to any company, place, or thing. You know that you are doing something right.

When I get lost and can’t find my way. I reseach the answers and never stray away. If you are a leader who people admire and you also like to help others. Please share you story. I love to hear what you have to say.

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