I’m the leader in my business people admire. Are you?

Are you the leader of your business people admire? I have been fortunate to work for a lot of managers who have been in a position to coach and teach me the proper way to run a successful business. The most important thing I learned from each person is: “treat people with respect and theyContinue reading “I’m the leader in my business people admire. Are you?”



Astrology & Incorporating Angel Numbers With The Bible KJV

Question: Can spirituality help you understand the Bible? “If you see these angel numbers open up your King James Bible to read the following Chapters.” Disclaimer: I’m a Spirtualist and found a way to understand the Bible and my Spirituality at the same time. My faith and believing in God has grown, and the questionsContinue reading “Astrology & Incorporating Angel Numbers With The Bible KJV”


Why I love Astrology & It’s History

As a child have your ever dreamt about the stars, moon, and planets? I know I did, I always caught myself pointing at the clouds and guessing at the shapes and people I thought I saw. My imagination was amazing. I remember when inventors came out with the glow and the dark wall art forContinue reading “Why I love Astrology & It’s History”


When is it time to let go? After someone has burned bridges with you?

I always thought letting go means to let go of your past or feeling as if you’re owed something in return. Today I focus mainly on how I want to be treated instead of cutting bridges with others. When you treat someone with respect you’d want the same response back. Over the year’s I’ve foundContinue reading “When is it time to let go? After someone has burned bridges with you?”


Have you recognized what type of dreams you have?

“A dream can always be interpreted good or bad, never underestimate you’re realities” A’donstarForReal Before heading to sleep it’s best to understand what types of dreams do occur where you’ll be able to create a positive alter and better sleeping habits. What are telepathic dreams? They’re dreams that can’t be explained through science like manyContinue reading “Have you recognized what type of dreams you have?”

Motivation: The Ego, Plots, & Family That Won’t Let Go

Sunday, August 14, 2022 The best part of begin me is I don’t care about what is going on in my community. I have nothing to say about what life I left behind. I’m good and never once looked back, only moving forward from all the Ego, Plots, & Family drama. The never ending cycleContinue reading “Motivation: The Ego, Plots, & Family That Won’t Let Go”

Knocking Down The Old & Starting Fresh

The old routines in life as I knew it has changed. When people don’t see you be strong and stay focused. Be the one who makes change to better yourself and the World. The biggest challenges you’re tested with can be hard, it’s how you handle and overcome them that makes you successful. Don’t fallContinue reading “Knocking Down The Old & Starting Fresh”